Red Light District stripclub

Every year, Amsterdam is visited by many people. People from abroad as well as tourists from the Netherlands. There are many fun activities to do in the city so you definitely will not be bored. However… there is one thing most people don’t want to miss when visiting Amsterdam: The Red Light District (in dutch called “The Wallen”) 

Red Light District stripclub

The Red Light District is the most popular neighbourhood of Amsterdam. With its fluorescent red lights windows and busy streets the area is very famous (especially for a boys trip out!). Here, the oldest profession in the world, prostitution, is legal. Besides the red lights windows, you can also find an exclusive Stripclub close to the area. Amsterdam’s youngest and most popular stripclub: Stripclub Bonton!

Red Light District stripclub: exclusive gentlemen’s club

Stripclub Bonton is definitely the club you can’t miss when you’re in Amsterdam. The gentlemen’s club has beautiful girls, a lust for the eye. Do you want to meet your dream-girl? Watch her climbing the pole? Or do you just want to have a good conversation with a girl at the bar? Visit Stripclub Bonton from Wednesday till Saturday from 21.00 till 05.00. Be welcome at Amsterdam’s #1 stripclub. Are you ready for the ultimate pleasure? Click here for a taste of the atmosphere.

More fun with Red Light District Stripclub Bonton, because:

  • Stripclub Bonton is Netherland’s number 1 exclusive strip club and comes with a luxurious and exclusive look
  • The Bonton is a well-known destination, but also a discrete and relaxed club.
  • At our club you are able to enjoy the presence of beautiful girls.
  • The club offers relaxation after business meetings and conferences.
  • You can also visit Stripclub Bonton for an unforgettable night out with friends or relations.
  • The bar has a large selection of classic and high-end brands of champagne and alcoholic beverages.
  • The club offers different rooms all in their own theme.

Opening hours

Wednesday till Saturday
from 21.00 till 05.00


Stadhouderskade 64
1072 AD Amsterdam

get in touch

+31 (0)20 578 85 15