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Treat the ladies with respect

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1The BonTon expects its visitors to adopt a tolerant and positive attitude in respect of various ethnic groups, gender, religion and cultures present

2Our ladies are permitted to refuse you
or a certain sexual act.

3You are in no way permitted to force a lady to have unsafe sex, drink alcohol or take drugs.

4Maintaining good hygiene is essential
for you and our ladies.

5It is not permitted to have drugs
present in The BonTon.

6The use of cameras and video equipment (including mobile phones) is prohibited.

7You are prohibited from taking property of The BonTon outside, or from moving or damaging it. This also applies to glasses and bottles. Any person causing damage is responsible for that damage.

8In the event of emergencies, you must always follow the instructions provided by staff

9Please notify the bar staff if you have any complaints. We will deal with your complaint as quickly as possible.

Opening hours

Wednesday till Saturday
from 21.00 till 05.00


Stadhouderskade 64
1072 AD Amsterdam

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+31 (0)20 578 85 15